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Traditionally, accountants have been understood to be people writing down a set of unfathomable numbers and creating complicated reports that cannot be understood without professional assistance. Even today, the basic ingredient of accountancy is about preparing pages filled with jargon and numbers. However, the modern day accountant is one who looks beyond numbers and assists his clients in controlling costs, planning for tax, strategising their affairs and planning for their future. We vision ourselves as more of your private strategists & advisors than your accountants. Our goal is to provide professional service that brings value to you. Our approach is not service based but value based. We believe we have done a good job if our assistance helped bring clarity to your decision making and strategising your financial affairs. Our four pillars are our four ideals as follows:

Ideal 1: Your growth is ours!

We know you will grow in net worth over the years. We would like to embrace the opportunity to witness the financial aspects of your life at every stage. We will assure you that we would do the right thing and give the right advice in an effort to grow your wealth and streamline your affairs. With you, our service will grow and so do we.

Ideal 2: Your business is ours!

It is said that personal and professional relationships should be distinct. Here we will be professional most of the time but we do not mind looking at your circumstances at a personal level too. As most financial decisions would affect your personal lives, we understand that you may need to discuss some of these with us. Guess what!! We don’t mind!!

Ideal 3: Our time is yours!

We know you may need extra time in understanding different financial aspects of your business or you may want to carve out a long-term strategy with us. We will show the patience and give you our time to listen to your stories, questions and concerns and try to compare it to reality by relating it to practicality. We know this is what you expect from us as accountants and we do not mind giving.

Ideal 4: Your trust is what we want!

We all know that strong relationships have their own share of great rewards almost definitely. We will focus on fostering long-lasting relationships that are built over time by gaining your trust. We are committed to finding ways to coach you to financial success and make our relationship great and rewarding. If you have read Our Vision in full and even reading it now, we believe we have given you enough reasons to consider our needs as your accountant. Give us a call or drop in for an obligation free appointment to find out more about what we do, how we do it and how you could benefit.

Why First Royal Accountants?

They say hard work pays off. We say smart work rewards!!  Let us first clarify by saying there is no alternative to hard work but it is the smart work that makes things simple to understand, manage and maintain. If we do the smart thing upfront, we may save a lot of unnecessary hard work in the future. This is the central idea of our business. At First Royal Accountants, we will try to find out the smartest way to streamline your business and financial affairs.   Traditional accountants were the ones who would prepare a set of numbers and statements for reporting purposes. Modern-day accountant is the one who looks beyond numbers, helps the business by understanding the costs and implements measures that would streamline your affairs. This is the First Royal Accountant who would take your circumstances and business seriously and tries to make sense from looking at numbers.   We do not charge an hourly rate like many other accountants. We will not charge for general consultations.  The trip you make to visit us and the time you spend with us does not come as free for us. We consider these to be your fee and our growth. We understand and accept not every client is made for us, but after reading through all that we have to say if you feel you should give us a chance, then please do. Come to us, talk to us, contact us in whatever way you feel comfortable.

We provide following accounting services

Tax Return Services

  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Company Tax Returns
  • Trust Tax Returns
  • Sole Trader Tax Returns

Accounting Services

  • Accounting for real estate agents
  • Accounting for medical professionals, clinics and doctors
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, tax for migration agents
  • Accounting for business visa holders
  • Accounting for franchisees

SMSF Tax Returns and Accounting

Business Start Ups Audit

  • SMSF Audit
  • Trust Account Audit for Accountants in public practices
  • Trust Account Audit for Real Estate Agents
  • External Review of Tier 1 Incorporated Associations
  • External Review of Tier 2 Incorporated Associations
  • Audit of Tier 1 companies limited by guarantee
  • Audit of Tier 2 companies limited by guarantee
  • Annual Information Statement Reports for Small Charities
  • AIS and External Review of Medium Charities

Business Plan

Online Services

Accounting and Tax Training


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Our Services

First Royal Holdings - Financial Services
financial services
First Royal Financial Services provides an end to end financial solutions to its customers.
First Royal Holdings - Accounting Services
accounting services
Our goal is to provide professional service that brings value to you.
First Royal Holdings - Financial Planning
financial planning
We can help you plan, implement and achieve your financial goals regardless your age & stage.
First Royal Holdings - Building Services
We are a boutique home builder based in Melbourne and provide home & commercial building services.

What our customers say?

Dr. Sisira Colombage
Senior lecturer, Federation University of Melbourne

The First Royal Holdings team was extremely diligent and meticulous in detail, explaining mortgages and other financial products clearly & simply. Jehan and the team provided a fantastic service and kick started my savings into an investment that has yielded great results. I have always had good interest rates, as the team negotiates on my behalf at every opportunity. This takes the stress out of the procedure for me and I know that everything is well organised and set up to be as cost effective and simplest way possible. In my experience, First Royal Financial Services consistently provide first class advice not only in mortgage matters but also in Accounting and Taxation matters, in optimising any available benefits or assistance and in all areas of Financial Planning.

Prem Krupakaran, QLD
National Assets Service Manager, Puma Energy

We moved from renting in Sydney to our own house in Melbourne. The reason we were able to do that is because of Jehan. From our very first call, to taking the keys of our first own house, Jehan managed the entire process. We contacted Jehan to organize the finance, but he clearly understood our situation and went to that extent of helping us in finding and choosing the right property. Jehan was very Professional, knowledgeable and took the stress out of us. We are extremely fortunate to have Jehan in this journey. Very very grateful to Jehan for making our dream come true.

Suranji & Ranil Wijesooriya, VIC
Group Financial Controller, Egans Group

I want to say a huge thank you to Jehan for helping me out to get my first house. I was highly impressed with the level of service and advice he provided. Since, I went for a land and construction package I needed that support very much and Jehan overwhelmingly delivered it without any hesitation. Without any doubt I wouldn’t have received this service if I had approached the Bank directly. Always would recommend anyone to Jehan.

Kim & Luke Mattson, QLD
Officer Manager

During the last 12 years, I have invested in a number of properties and dealt with many brokers and bankers. Initially, we were living in Melbourne and then moved to Brisbane. Jehan was introduced to us by a friend, who managed both our property purchases here in Melbourne and Brisbane. Time to time, we have sold and purchased numerous properties with very challenging situations. But Jehan managed everything with ease and care. We have no hesitation in recommending Jehan and his team to anyone who is seeking to acquire property.