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let’s find the right loan to go with it!

Buying the first home can be always challenging. Nowadays It can be even more challenging with changed landscape in lending policies with banks. Each lender may have different policies for the same scenario-So how do you juggle with all?

The main reason we believe is lack of knowledge and experience. Staring from your borrowing power to knowing what duties payable and grants applicable, this can be painstaking task to many. At First Royal, we are here to help and hold your hand throughout the process, not only selecting the right product with the right lender but doing all the leg work up until settlement. Rest assured, every customer’s circumstances is different. So you need to keep all options open to secure the right loan and product with the right lender.

So let us do the hard work at no cost.


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What is Refinancing?
Refinancing means, generally you switch lenders to achieve one or more attributes listed below. This does not mean you cannot refinance with the same lender on certain occasions may be to change the product or even to consolidate debts too. Theoretically, this is where a mortgage broker can be put into test with having access to many lenders on one platform, we can choose the best deal in the market for you.

Key Reasons to refinance
Secure a better interest rate and lower your monthly repayment
One of the key reasons why home owners choose to refinance their loan is to secure a lower interest rate, additional features and reduce their monthly repayments. However, refinancing can come with some costs, so it’s essential to weigh up the savings of refinancing against the expense involved. If your home loan is currently locked in a fixed term, refinancing costs in breaking the fixed term can be costly. They also involved in discharge of your current mortgage and new mortgage registration fees.

Lender to lender refinancing costs can vary. Most lenders offer rebates and cash incentives when you refinance as a “once off” offer so most of the above costs can be covered.

Please talk to one our qualified brokers to understand whether refinancing is the best option for you.

The Total interest paid on your mortgage could be reduced
While it depends on the loan terms, the costs of refinancing and the interest rate that you receive when you refinance, it is still possible for you to pay less in total interest. That said, it is important to be thorough with your calculations of the costs associated with refinancing and calculate your total payments to forge an accurate picture.

You can pay your mortgage off faster
You may find yourself in a situation where you are making significantly more income than you did when you bought your home. Paying more on your mortgage each month is not always allowed according to bank terms, as they are capped annually, so refinancing could be the ideal option for you. Choose a lower term to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Switch between variable/fixed rates
If you’d prefer the certainty that repayments will stay the same for a period of time, you may wish to switch to a fixed rate. Conversely, you may decide you’d like to take advantage of a lower variable rate as you can accept the risk that rates may rise in future.

Access equity in your home
Your home is likely to be one of your most valuable assets, and by harnessing home equity you have the opportunity to build additional wealth or simply achieve personal goals. Find out more about accessing your home’s equity.

Consolidate debt
Refinancing your home loan can provide you an opportunity to streamline your debt, and potentially reduce the overall interest you’re paying on multiple debts through the process of ‘debt consolidation’. It means folding several high interest debts into one lower rate debt – which could be your home loan – and may reduce your total monthly repayments.

However, it’s important to note that debt consolidation can come with some downsides. It can turn a short-term debt like a personal loan into a long term debt (your mortgage), and that means paying interest on the balance for a much longer period which could cost you more in the long run. For debt consolidation to be truly cost effective, you need to commit to making additional repayments to pay off the enlarged loan as quickly as possible.

How we can help – First Royal broker insight
Moving from a variable rate to a fixed rate, and vice versa, doesn’t always have to involve refinancing. Debt consolidation and equity release too ca be achieved with in the same lender. Your lender may be able to provide this option without the need to switch from one loan to another, however, this is an area where your First Royal mortgage broker can offer valuable insights.


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Investment Loans

So it’s time to GROW your investment portfolio.
Let us help you sow the seeds for that PERFECT LOAN.

Investing in properties is one of the safest and sharpest methods to build your personal wealth. Whether you are buying your first investment property or building your property portfolio, at First Royal, with our strategic approach, we can help you in your efforts to maximise your wealth.

As a first-time property investor, it can scary and complicated when you are going into an unfamiliar territory. You might say that you have done your research or wonder if you got it right. That’s where using First Royal can be invaluable. We not only provide you with the PERFECT STRUCTURE, we will do the hard yard to research for the right property.

First Royal Holdings through its years of experience in application of strategies and structures will help experienced investors to be in place for optimum growth and maximise returns.

Your goal becomes our goal. First Royal has the choice, knowledge, skills and experience to delight you with our service offerings because we LOVE investments.


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Car Loans

Your PERFECT CAR is waiting for you!

Looking for a fast and easy way to financing your new car?
Let us help you find the PERFECT LOAN for it.

Then talk to us about car loan & equipment financing. ENQUIRE NOW At First Royal, we offer a complete range of Motor Vehicle and Equipment Finance solutions to our clients.

We are affiliated with a wide range of motor vehicle and equipment finance lenders as compared to a car dealer or equipment trader who is generally partnered with a single lender. As a result, we could confidently provide a better service, loan structure and price in the utmost interest of our clients.


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Business & Commercial Loans

It needs to be specially selected for your requirement

Business loan are different to getting your home loan or the investment property loan, not only as a product but also as a purpose and scale of credit vetting. Generally, a business loan is given either as a start up, acquisition or develop the existing or future business.

Not all business loans are required to have an ongoing business. They assess the viability of the business proposal along with existing financials and cash flow projections and most importantly the equity or the contribution from the applicants. To qualify for a business loan you will of course need the business to be registered. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you can repay the loan, by providing documentation of your current business’s financial history and assets and liabilities, including any other loans. In most occasions you will be required to provide security for the loan, in the form of either residential or commercial assets.

Business loans are very different to other short-term forms of finance too such as an overdraft or commercial line of credit. They are generally used to directly fund business expansion, such as starting up a new business venture, expanding existing facilities, or acquiring major plant and equipment. Generally but not limited to business loans are given for 15 years.

At First Royal we work with major business and commercial bank lenders who are specialised in tailor making your business banking requirement. Whether it is a start up or an acquisition of a new business we have covered all.


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Cash Flow Lending & Trade Finance

Debt factoring or debtor finance

Cash flow lending is generally called Debt factoring or debtor finance.

It is a quite simply, a line of credit linked to and secured by your outstanding accounts receivable.

If your business supplies products or services to other businesses on standard trade credit terms, Debtor Finance can help.

There are a number of variations in how the service is delivered, ranging from Confidential Invoice Discounting (for larger, more sophisticated businesses with a dedicated finance department) to the option of full management of accounts receivables (which allows many of our smaller clients to focus on growing their businesses rather than chasing outstanding invoices).

As for trade Finance, it is a form of working capital of working capital; the term commonly refers to the financing of cross-border, import/export transactions.

For an importer it means receiving funding in order to pay a supplier and allow time for the goods to be received, sold and turned into cash.

For an exporter it provides working capital until the overseas customer pays for the goods or services that have been delivered.

Exporters typically utilize export factoring or bill facilities as the primary means of financing overseas trading, which may be supported by a letter of credit to secure the transaction.

At First Royal, we work with leading banks and non bank specialized lenders across Australia with highly skilled relationship managers to secure both trade and debtor finance deals.


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Why choose us over a bank?

At First Royal Financial Services, you are not just another customer! We value our customer relationship first, which includes integrity, fairness, accountability and responsiveness. Our team of professionals will provide expert advice with lending solutions, deposit, and investment solutions to fit your financial needs.

Apart from providing exceptionally high standard of service, an advantage over our competitors is that we focus on client education. We ensure that our clients who are entering into a loan agreement know and understand the features of their particular loan and how this will help them to achieve their dream of home ownership or financial wealth creation.

Each customers situation is different. We understand that. That’s why we are geared to treat every circumstance differently and customise our solutions through a range of financial products which uniquely fits you.

That’s why we are your solid partners for financial solutions!

Experience-That you can count on!

With over two decades of experience in the industry we comprehend the banking process well enough to provide you professional advice. Benefit from our experience, let us make the difficult decisions easy for you. We take complex financial issues and simplify them with our proven financial planning process whether it’s your first home or a complex business banking matter.

We do all the leg work at no cost

It’s quite simple, we provide expert advice with extensive options, instead of endless exploration! Australia has a sophisticated financial services sector, boasts a comparatively strong economy and is well positioned as a financial hub in the world's fastest growing region. We’ll do all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything including lengthy paperwork and we will also do the negotiations on your behalf. This comes at no cost to you.

Reality with precision guidance

Because we have invested in your continued success, we’re happy to offer guidance and expertise to help you achieve your vision. If you choose to work with us, we’ll support you with tools and advice to help you grow, because your success is our success. Our expert team will find the best lenders and even better interest rates for you. With years of industry experience, you can count on us to provide with only the best options and competitive rates.

Service, not sleeplessness

Our team work with utmost diligence, attention to detail and customer satisfaction to give you the best in the market. We’ll always be just a call away, whenever you need us. We provide each of our clients with customised product best suited for their individual circumstances and needs.

First Royal Financial Services takes pride in our commitment to clients not just one time, but we believe in building long term relationships and that’s what makes us your perfect financial partner!

What our customers say?

Dr. Sisira Colombage
Senior lecturer, Federation University of Melbourne

The First Royal Holdings team was extremely diligent and meticulous in detail, explaining mortgages and other financial products clearly & simply. Jehan and the team provided a fantastic service and kick started my savings into an investment that has yielded great results. I have always had good interest rates, as the team negotiates on my behalf at every opportunity. This takes the stress out of the procedure for me and I know that everything is well organised and set up to be as cost effective and simplest way possible. In my experience, First Royal Financial Services consistently provide first class advice not only in mortgage matters but also in Accounting and Taxation matters, in optimising any available benefits or assistance and in all areas of Financial Planning.

Prem Krupakaran, QLD
National Assets Service Manager, Puma Energy

We moved from renting in Sydney to our own house in Melbourne. The reason we were able to do that is because of Jehan. From our very first call, to taking the keys of our first own house, Jehan managed the entire process. We contacted Jehan to organize the finance, but he clearly understood our situation and went to that extent of helping us in finding and choosing the right property. Jehan was very Professional, knowledgeable and took the stress out of us. We are extremely fortunate to have Jehan in this journey. Very very grateful to Jehan for making our dream come true.

Suranji & Ranil Wijesooriya, VIC
Group Financial Controller, Egans Group

I want to say a huge thank you to Jehan for helping me out to get my first house. I was highly impressed with the level of service and advice he provided. Since, I went for a land and construction package I needed that support very much and Jehan overwhelmingly delivered it without any hesitation. Without any doubt I wouldn’t have received this service if I had approached the Bank directly. Always would recommend anyone to Jehan.

Kim & Luke Mattson, QLD
Officer Manager

During the last 12 years, I have invested in a number of properties and dealt with many brokers and bankers. Initially, we were living in Melbourne and then moved to Brisbane. Jehan was introduced to us by a friend, who managed both our property purchases here in Melbourne and Brisbane. Time to time, we have sold and purchased numerous properties with very challenging situations. But Jehan managed everything with ease and care. We have no hesitation in recommending Jehan and his team to anyone who is seeking to acquire property.